Date 2018-07-13
Author Derek

FOA031 - Altered Reality

1. Transcode - Arbitrage (Original Mix) 

2. Transcode - Dystopia (Original Mix) 

3. Transcode - Encounters (Original Mix) 

Oh boy Oh boy, it is our pleasure to announce UK based producer Transcode back on Filth on Acid with his second solo EP: Altered Reality. According to Stevie (Transcode): 'An altered state of mind can lead to an altered state of reality'. When in a different state of mind the creative process changes, showing versatility as a producer exploring dark and dystopian soundscapes and textures on this three track EP. Also relates to being in a different state of reality i.e being on ACID.

Are you ready to have this captain space guide you on the dancefloors? This is Filth on Acid NOW!