Date 2018-06-18
Author Derek

FOA029 - Be A Freak

1. VNTM - Be A Freak (Original Mix)

2. VNTM - Space & Time (Original Mix)

3. VNTM - Drowning (Original Mix)

4. VNTM - Drowning (Olivier Weiter Remix)

5. VNTM - Desire (Original Mix) 

With the World Cup Football starting in Russia 2 days prior to the release and crowds turning to their nations roots supporting their country and teams in a chauvinistic way, we as an Amsterdam based label felt the need to support the thriving Dutch techno scene, bringing you Amsterdam based talented producer VNTM, with his debut EP on Filth on Acid and his first ever EP to be released. On remix duties one of 'Amsterdam's finest' and friend of the label: Olivier Weiter. It's unfortunate that the Dutch are not part of the World Cup, otherwise this story would have been perfect. Nevertheless we will tear down your dance floor. This is Filth on Acid NOW!