Date 2017-10-20
Author Axel


It's with great pleasure that we welcome Emmanuel Top on Filth on Acid with his new single. The legendary Emmanuel Top managed to produce tracks in the 90s like 'Acid Phase' and 'Turkish Bazar' that are still being heavily played today. As a symbol of the old school 303 sound, it is very special that in 2017 he brings us filth, on acid yet again.


'This Is Cocaine' emerges stripped back and hypnotising, while at the same time it manages to keep the attention over the full play time. The arrangement is build around 5 bars instead of 4, which contrasts with most tracks out there and gives a big element of surprise. The track alternates between two main acid lines, one deep and square providing the bass, the other one resonant and extremely aggressive, cutting like a knife from mid to tweeter. The classic vocal, 'this is cocaine speaking' gets brought in and out in a powerful way, while the whole composition pulsates forward steadily with a severe distorted 909 kick drum.


This is cocaine; on acid.