Date 2017-07-03
Author Axel


RELEASE DATE: 2017 / 07 / 03




1. Transcode - Afterlife (Original Mix)

2. Transcode - Afterlife (WHYT NOYZ Remix)

3. Transcode - Vesta (Original Mix)

4. Transcode - Night Vision (Original Mix)

Manchester based Transcode has made some waves in the scene with his quality output on labels like Stil vor Talent. Filth on Acid is very happy to welcome this unique artist to the label, with three great originals on his Afterlife EP. Next to that, Whyt Noyz from Richie Hawtin’s Minus stable delivers an outstanding remix.


Afterlife starts off with a dreamy, subtle atmosphere, and some fantastic programmed synths and arpeggios. These elements are contrasted when the beat comes in; powerful and straightforward. The little melodic percussive elements work in perfect harmony with the melodies and keep on driving the track. The long breakdown in the middle of the track is mind blowing and a real crowd pleaser. A level work by Transcode.


Whyt Noyz manages to squeeze the synth lines of the original into a remarkably tight groove. Razor sharp hi-hats and a solid kick and bass drive the track on through airy and trippy effects. Slowly the arpeggio unfolds from the groove and leads us into the breakdown, where feeling of the original track perfectly complements the hypnotic vibe of Whyt Noyz grooves.


The third track of the EP, Vesta, illustrates Transcode’s ability to write very strong and beautiful melodies, with almost a relaxed feeling, without slowing the track as a whole down to much. There’s still plenty of energy here, and as Vesta develops, the energy level increases in a subtle way too.


Night Vision closes of the EP in style, introducing acidy elements and colossal sound design that stimulates the imagination of the listener. A heavy bass drum and a steady, punishing drum section combined with an eerie, dangerous atmosphere create a tasty atmosphere.