Date 2017-05-05
Author Axel van Bladel

FOA004 - Island of Memory EP

RELEASE DATE: 2017/05/05




1. LAAT - Island of Memory (Original Mix)

2. LAAT - Island of Memory (Joran van Pol Remix)

3. LAAT - Boaconic (Original Mix)

4. LAAT - Island of Memory (Rob Hes Remix)

5. LAAT - R88 (Original Mix)

LAAT is one of the most exciting fresh names emerging in the techno scene. After his releases on Tronic and Elevate, we gladly welcome the Dutchman to Filth on Acid. LAAT has spent a very long time to perfect his craft, until he was confident enough to unleash his work onto the dancefloor. His sound manages to be both contemporary as well as unique. For the remixes we decided to make the Island of Memory EP a full on Dutch party and therefore brought Joran van Pol from Richie Hawtin’s Minus stable and Rob Hes, most known for his releases on Dubfire’s SCI+TEC and Christian Smith’s Tronic. 

 The outset is formed by the title track Island of Memory, with a main synthline that is as hypnotizing as it is driving. Varied drumprogramming and clever modulation with a good eye for detail make sure the track stays exciting and surprising. The remarkable sound quality and sound design ensures stunning translation on any soundsystem.

 We continue with the Joran van Pol remix of Island of Memory. He zooms in on the original’s synth hook, and reforms it into alien territories. His ability to compose music that is well suited for peaktime affairs without obvious build ups creates a musical architecture that is accessible while at the same time unmistakable alluring to more subtle DJ sets.

 Boaconic, the third track sets the mood with a heavy sub bass groove. At a slow pace, the synth hook gets introduced, building a compelling world of sound. The well-structured arrangement keeps the flow going in this soft burning crowd pleaser.

 The Rob Hes remix of the title track opens up with a dirty, heavy warehouse kick and big piercing hihats. Gently he introduces the synthline from the original, but giving it extra glow and a different, inspiriting colour. The disposition and rearranging of the synth elements impart his remix a distinct feel from the original.

 Closing out the EP in style is done with R88. Again, heavily leaning on a well-defined synth hook, R88 takes a more acidy root through measures of high resonance and screaming synths.