Date 2017-04-17
Author Axel van Bladel

FOA003 - Twilight of the Gods EP

RELEASE DATE: 2017/04/17




1. Hidden Empire - Baldur (Original Mix)

2. Hidden Empire - Mjolnir (Original Mix)

3. Hidden Empire - Bragi (Original Mix)

4. Hidden Empire - Bragi (Egbert Remix)

German based duo Hidden Empire are swiftly making progression in their climb to the top of the techno scene. They’re known from several hit releases on Stil vor Talent and Traum Schallplatten. We are gleesome to open the doors of Filth on Acid and welcome them for a 3 track original EP. On remix duties we gladly find Egbert, the Dutch powerhouse of peak-time techno, who’s currently releasing on Drumcode.

Twilight Of The Gods opens with Baldur. The authoritative, round kick and bassline build a colossal foundation on which propulsive arpeggiators shift things into next gear. A sturdy, polished groove ensures movement on the dancefloor. The atmospherics and hornlike shout of Baldur, hint to the unfortunate fate of this mythological creature as well as building pleasant pressure.

Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, stays true to its name, as it is a definite peak-time affair. Long stretched swelling, bassy pads are the backbone for reverberated percussion and dapper synth stabs. Memorable synth melodies unfold on the break to balance force and profoundness.

Bragi can be seen as the most hypnotic of the pack. Arpeggiated synths, soft pads and detailed synths hint to the abstruse nature of Bragi; the god of poets. Smart drum programming keeps the track in ever morphing state.

We close the EP in style, with Egbert’s remix of Bragi. As an artist, always on the lookout of new ways to detonate party crowds, this time he derives a groove with qualities of cavalry. Throughout the track the kick, bassline and drums continuously exert and exchange powers, which makes it sound like a constant battle as to where in the groove they can sit. This unique element builds an enormous strain. Combined with the beautiful break; again Egbert’s music arrives at the next level.