Date 2017-03-21
Author Axel van Bladel

FOA002 - Equivalence EP

RELEASE DATE: 2017/02/24




1. Mees Salomé - Equivalence (Original Mix)

2. Mees Salomé - Ignorance Is Bliss (Original Mix)

3. Mees Salomé - Forest Fire (Reinier Zonneveld's Filth On Acid Remix)

4. Mees Salomé - Forest Fire (Original Mix)

5. Mees Salomé - Equivalence (Julian Wassermann Remix)

After the astounding success of the first release on Reinier Zonneveld’s imprint Filth on Acid, the label follows up with a slightly deeper take on club music. We welcome Mees Salomé, who managed to deliver a unique, balanced blend of breathtaking melodies and grooves. Mees Salomé comes from The Netherlands, and manages to deliver extra-ordinary music while only being 21 years old.

Equivalence EP kicks off with the title track. Equivalence opens with a sturdy kick and dirty hi-hat, anticipating the mesmerizing melody. Combined with the long break and subtle arrangement this track makes for a very heavy hitter on the dancefloor.

Next up is Ignorance Is Bliss. Piercing synthlines and morph into rhythmic arpeggiated progressions while continuously driven by a growling bassline. This track really shows of Mees Salomé’s talent for balancing out harmony and dissonance.

Followed by Reinier Zonneveld’s remix for Forest Fire, which turns the original into a heavy no-nonsense peak-time techno banger with fat kicks and big drums, while leaving the powerful synth brass into place leading the way into a big climax.

Forest Fire original stands out by the way all the sounds work together, morphing and interchanging in a very organic way. The brass synth makes this track perfect for melodic peak-time affairs.

For the conclusion of this EP we’re happy to announce Julian Wassermann, who scored many hits on labels like Stil vor Talent & Katermukke with his signature deeper style of tech-house and deep-house. He takes Equivalence into a more hypnotic direction, using an almost talking drum groove. By introducing strong dissonance between the original synthline and his own added pads, tension builds up to new levels which makes the track very effective for after-party brain melting.